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If your car start losing power, consuming too much fuel, running rough or keep dying on you? It may be time for you considering a Tune-up on your vehicle. There is no set procedures for a tune-up since there is so many different varieties of engine designs not every vehicle has the same parts.

Here at Tire & Auto Works this is what we do during a tune-up procedure.

  • Spark Plugs is the first item we start with. Using a double platinum or iridium spark plugs are always a smart idea because you do not need to replace your spark plugs another 60k to 100k miles so while you are spending a little extra for the better spark plugs you are saving money for the long turn.

  • Fuel Filter is another important item needs to be replaced every time you get a tune-up if the vehicle equipped with it by the way not all the cars have one. A dirty or clogged up fuel filter will drop your car performance or may be stranded you on the road besides driving with a bad fuel filter puts too much pressure on your fuel pump and it can cause your fuel pump fail.

  • Spark plug wires needs to be in good condition if not they needs to be replaced to be able to carry the energy from your distributor to your spark plugs it doesn't matter how good or new your spark plugs are as long as you can not feed them with enough juice they can not perform.

  • Distributor cap and distributor rotor needs to be replaced with a Tune up as long as the vehicle equipped with one.

  • Air filter needs to be replaced every 15000 miles so if it is dirty replace the air filter.

  • Replace the PCV (positive crankcase ventilation) valve. It can make your car run rough or stall if it gets clogged, and it's cheap and easy to replace.

  • Service the battery, adding distilled water (if required), cleaning terminals and cable ends.

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