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Here is an another big MONEY saving opportunity for you to find out keep reading how.

A wheel alignment cannot be done on a car with loose or worn front end parts. The technician will first check for worn parts and inform you of any problems before beginning the alignment. And at Auto & Tire Works there is a no charge to check your alignment.

The best type of wheel alignment is a four wheel alignment. Many cars today have adjustable rear alignment settings, but even for cars without adjustments in the rear, a four wheel alignment will allow the technician to identify any rear tracking problems and compensate for them with adjustments to the front.

At Auto & Tire works we do use state of the art computerized Alignment machine and we do 4 wheel alignment to bring your vehicle to original factory settings for an affordable price.

OK so lets find out what is alignment and balance and when is the time to get one.

First thing first alignment and balance are awfully confused two words but they are totally two different procedure applied on your vehicle and you need both of them for your vehicle to drive smoothly.

Alignment is a service done to your vehicle to adjust the wheel angels to make sure two wheels are parallel to each other and perpendicular to the ground.

When is a good time to get an Alignment

  • If your vehicle is pulling.

  • If your tires are wearing out, unevenly from inside or outside solder.

  • When you go trough dips and bumps your car is wandering around too much.

  • When you get brand new tires.

At Auto & Tire Works you a 3 weeks warranty with your alignment any reason if you are not happy with your alignment bring it back and we do it again.

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